26 Feb

SnowBrains: Squaw Valley, CA Only Needs 2 Feet of Snow To Break Its All-Time Snowiest Month Record & 4-8 Feet is Forecast Next 3-Days…

Squaw Valley close to setting February snow record

Squaw Valley, CA has already received 258″ of snow this month, which is just 2 feet shy of their all-time snowiest month.

Throughout the month of January in 2017, Squaw Valley received 282″ of snow, which set the record for their all-time snowiest month.

Luckily for them, the forecast is calling for 48-96″ of snow in the next 3 days – the last 3 days of February…

NOAA: Lake Tahoe Storm Upgraded | 48-96″ of Snow Forecast Next 3-Days!!

Biggest Snowfall Months in Squaw History:

282″ = All-Time Snowiest Month: January 2017 

258″ = Current Monthly Snowfall: February 2019 


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