Read about our Sauerkraut supplier – Local Culture Krauts from Grass Valley, NV

27 Nov

Read about our Sauerkraut supplier – Local Culture Krauts from Grass Valley, NV



The brine is fine: Local Culture Live Foods Market opens in downtown Grass Valley [The Union]

“Cristina Africano and Chris Frost-McKee think people would be happier if they ate a little bit of sauerkraut each day.

For the last 15 years or so, Frost-McKee has been a firm believer in the benefits of kraut, a fascination that carried over to his family, who decided to start marketing their fermented foods in hopes of educating the public on the advantageous qualities they possess. ”

(My family) brought the concept of working with closely with local farmers and creating fresh ferments, and over the winter we put our heads together to see how we could help or be a part of it,” said Frost-McKee. “It seemed like the best thing for us to do to bring Local Culture to our community would be to create a small family food hub of their vision. So that’s how it began.”

On Oct. 12, their vision was realized when Local Culture Live Foods Market opened at 104 East Main Street in Grass Valley. Africano and Frost-McKee have been operating Local Culture for the last year or so, selling their products at farmers markets and to several local markets.

Kraut, which many reserve for a hot dog with the works or a messy Ruben sandwich, carries beneficial probiotics which help ward off toxins and varieties of less-helpful bacteria within the digestive system. It’s also been said that fermentation aids the body in absorbing nutrients, and helps promote a healthy micro-biome within the gut.” READ MORE

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